Welcome to Passionate Design: Web site Design

What is the purpose of a web site? A web site is an internet marketing tool, which is or should be designed for promoting your business. A web site designed to meet or exceed search engine marketing standards will be the internet marketing tool you desire for your company, providing you with the new business you desire.

Some think of web site design as creating a pretty picture such as a brochure to promote your company and to expand on your company branding. In all reality your web site is so much more than that. Your web site is created of web graphic features that make it look professional yet attractive, but also has features that make it function as an integral marketing tool. In other words if designed incorrectly you just paid a lot for a nice digital brochure that no one can find. If out dated code standards are used in the creation of your web site it may amount to less than a pretty picture in time.

Passionate Design not only designs an attractive web site but also designs it to promote your business by following proven practices for search engine optimization and search engine marketing. The end product of our efforts is a web site design that is also the internet marketing tool that you desire.

We have studied the technique of functional web design in a class environment as well as in the real world to learn the rules of web design specifically for the purpose of marketing products and services. We have observed how our competitors apply similar techniques to obtain the desired results, and we keep up with the changing practices in the technology to try to remain one step ahead of the competition.

Passionate Design will deliver to you a well designed digital marketing tool that is well constructed using the latest release of code standards to do so, insuring durability and long life with a minimum of problems. Your web site will be designed to show up in a good position in a search preformed using phrases' directed towards your product or service. Passionate Design offers all this and they do this for a very competitive price.