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Passionate Design's Marketing Strategies

There are different forms of marketing in the wonderful world of Internet Marketing. Banner ads, Banner trading, Referrer Programs, Blogs and Blog ads, Pop-up or Pop-behind ads, Listing in Directories, Spam E-mail, Target E-mail, or Opt-in E-mail, Press Release's in digital publications, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay-Per-Click positioning of your web site for Search Engine results.

Conventional marketing strategies also work in the digital environment. Press release's in print publication, mail marketing techniques, print ads in news paper circulation, Television advertising, and also Radio advertising can all be used to direct business to your company or web site depending on your advertising budget.

We focus on the marketing strategies that will bring you the highest ROI (return on investment) that also fit within your advertising budget. Some of the strategies are even included in the cost of building the web site itself and do not add to your Marketing budget. Certain packages that we offer include various forms of marketing strategies to help you enter the internet market place one step ahead of your competition.

Our main concern is that your entrance into the Internet Marketplace is one that will make you want to tell everyone you know that Passionate Design is the place to go for their business web site. Word of mouth can be a very strong form of marketing; it is advertising that comes from a very satisfied customer and is directed to someone they know that trusts their opinion.

To the left you will see an example of a Flash Banner Ad that would normally be placed on a web site with a special tracking code to allow you to know which web site sent you the viewer. This is one way of keeping track of who you owe money if you are in a financial agreement with another web site for sending viewers to your web site. The motion of a Flash Banner Ad will attract a viewers eye better then an Ads created with Photoshop or Illustrator that have no motion only art.